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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Follow Up on the E-Course

Writing down your thought is very important. As a result of my previous post I had spent the last 2 days writing the e-course. I have now completed lesson 11.

Actually I started on the project a few months earlier but left it to pursue my other project, 'My Discount Vault'. I just completed the ebook, 'My Discount Vault' about a week ago and now have more time to continue with the e-course project.

Looks like the e-course project will definately be ready before 3oth June 2005. Writing the content of the e-course is one side to it. I will also need to prepare some video tutorials for it.

If anyone has a suggestion for the name of the project please let me know. Who knows I may offer you to review the e-course when completed.

At the moment I am giving seminar on the subject of Internet marketing. This is a 3 days seminar and is held in Malaysia. Go here to find out more:

Many interested parties cannot attend this seminar due to the cost involved and their geographical location. As a result this e-course will be able to allow these interested parties to learn from my experience.

Happy Thanks Giving to those who are residing in the United States.


Dan Farfan said...

Interesting website.
I think as long as the web browser and email are the only ways to communicate with groups on the Internet, tips and tricks and training sites and seminars like yours (as you know, there are many others) will be valuable to many people.

But what about what comes after the web?
What about the new system and program that fixes many of the web's design flaws, email's design flaws, instant messaging's design flaws.

Would you like to learn about what is next, so you can tell people about it and make money helping them use the Internet in a brand new way?


10:14 PM  

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